Christmas sa Sugbu

Christmas sa Sugbu

I am writing on Christmas eve. Yes, the air smells different. The air smells... happy!

Last night, I was driving around town and happened to pass by Cebu central. The big Christmas tree at Fuente Osmena is calling to me. I could not resist the temptation. So, I went down and took pictures. Here, I captured the 3 Christmas landmarks of Cebu - Club Ultima tower, the tree, and the fountain. All three showing off their vibrant festive colors.

Also in Fuente Osmena were Christmas parols (customized lanterns) hanging beautifully and decorated around the circle. There was one parol that captured my attention. It was a huge lantern with angels at each side holding the Earth. Right below it was the manger where Jesus was born. Inside the manger were the characters of the Belen including the animals. It was very detailed. What was catchy about it was... It was made up of waste materials such as sardine cans, milk plastic containers, tetra packs, and junkfood plastics. It is a very good way to recycle. Why buy new materials when you can use what we always produce, right? Such a creative idea!

Christmas always gives a light happy feeling to me. It is an indication that I made it through the 365 days of the year. This year was difficult. I am that gold that was tried on fire. There were nasty turbulences along the way. I would like to believe I am not any different from all of you. We all have crosses that we carried. Today, we made it through the pitt stop. It was long and tiring but the feeling of fulfillment is great. We are still here! It did not destroy us! And it sure as you-are-your-mama's-child made us stronger! We are regaining our strength, letting loose of our excess baggages, and starting anew. I am excited of the rich-filled, full of life 2012th year to come.

Merry Christmas, friends!

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