Lakwatsa Art meets Fun | Restolounge

Lakwatsa Art meets Fun | Restolounge

Yesterday night I was invited by my friend Nikki for dinner at this cool new place with a wonderful show. I did not have any idea what type of show she meant. Regardless, I've always loved shows and theaters so I said yes to her invitation. They are having their Christmas Party at this place today and she wanted us to check it out and be the first to see the show. She told us it is a new place at Mandaue called Lakwatsa. Lakwatsa is a Cebuano action word that means traveling. Although I live in Mandaue, the establishment isn't familiar to me. When I arrived, I realized how wrong I was. It is infact very familiar as I pass by it almost every weekend. LOL Probably the signboard is too high up to notice the Lakwatsa name.

My first impression was how amazingly modern their elevator is. Haha yes, I really was. It's a Schlinder touch screen elevator. 

I was especially curious of the motto that says, "Art meets Fun". What restolounge showcases art in Cebu? Well... it is exactly what makes Lakwatsa a restolounge like no other. It is what makes it unique.

Whenever we go to places like Thailand for example, there are several bars you can visit to watch cultural shows. The shows are on a regular basis. In Cebu, however, that is a problem. For your foreign guests to see, you have to hire a group of dancers to perform exclusively for you at a much more expensive fee. Now, have no fret. You can see shows as frequent as you want. There is singing, dancing, fire dancing, and many more. It's not even too classic. The performers blended it up with modern touch. 

As I watched the show, I am overwhelmed! I felt so high that I can't help but feel excited of telling everyone I know about this place. I just had to blog this early in the morning. ^_^  I commend Ng Khai Corp owner and president, Wilson Ng, for bringing such a wonderful resto in Cebu. See a snippet of the performance in this video that I took yesterday.

Lakwatsa shows are on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8pm and lasts for an hour. You can groove to the music with the band on Fridays. For an updated schedule of shows visit their website Entrance fee is ticket-based that are priced P600 for six-dish buffet, and P400 for ala carte with one round of drink. Students get a special discounted rate of P250. Dinner is served at 630pm.

Surprise yourself and come visit Lakwatsa. As for me, I am bringing my family back at this place on Monday. I figured it is a good Christmas treat for them. My nephews would love it. :)

How to get there?

Lakwatsa is at 5th floor Calixto Hall of Engy Tech Building at Hernan Cortes St. in Banilad, Mandaue City. If you are from Mandaue Foam facing towards AS Fortuna, Engy Tech Building is at the left side right before SeaOil. The building has 50 slots available for parking.

For questions and reservations, you may call (032) 346 2926 and look for Mr. Jeryl Tio.


P.S Pics are taken from Lakwatsa FB page because the pics I took are too dark.

12.14.2012 update: First pic obviously owned by 2nd pic owned by Herbert Kikoy.

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