Open House: Lexmark Around the World

Open House: Lexmark Around the World

This weekend, November 10 and 11, our office was open to our families and friends. Here is an exhibit featuring Lexmark Around the World. Enjoy the pictures! :)

If it were a contest, who would you think wins? Lexmark India, of course! I'm so proud. Thank you to my team of creative and hardworking engineers who made this wonderful exhibit possible. ^_^

At the Lexmark India booth, the audience 

Got a chance to get to know Lexmark Kolkata site and their products/services.

Knew the wonderful culture and known landmarks of India through our trivia.

Enjoyed the music, dances, and touching moral lessons that famous Bollywood films taught us.

Tasted the interesting and delicious Indian delicacies.

Saw their very own team mates wear the traditional bridal Indian costumes

The audience was also given a sticker bindi to place on their forehead. The women and kids love it. It was also a good retention and marketing for the open house because people who have not been at the booth will be able to see the bindi on other people's forehead.

To know where I got the Indian delicacies in Cebu, check my post Indian grocery.

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