The Boss

The Boss

When I was in my senior year in high school, I was worried about my future. Which college should I go? What profession do I see myself practicing in the future? Would I be good at it? At a limbo, the future was an uncertain scary place. 

When I was 20 and just graduated college, I was beside myself with worry about the future. I had just signed a job offer with the most prestigious American-based multinational IT company that came into play in Cebu market 2 years ahead. I felt honored and lucky. I was on a roll! I was a working adult. How would I fair in a competitive working environment? Would I be able to survive it?

When I was 25, I was a total wreck of what to expect. I thought I had everything planned! Yet there I was, almost reaching the calendar age, and feeling so little has been accomplished. Soon I'd be saying goodbye to my youth and the things that could have been done. That was scariest.

Now here I am 28, and the only thing I worry about is how much time I spent worrying. I am shaking off my anxieties, getting rid of my hang-ups, letting go of stressful relationships, and repairing those that matter. I am making a choice to be healthier, happier, and be in the best shape of my life. And the future, you ask? I rest them to the Greater Power. True that the future is uncertain yet the path we choose to get there is up to us. One lesson I learned and I believe is universal truth, borrowing from a magazine editor's own words: We may grow older, but those doors we always think are closing in front of us, aren't really closing at all. As long as we stay fit and active and keep growing and learning, new doors - financial, social, career, you name it -- will keep opening before us. But keeping those doors open, however, doesn't come for free. Resting on your stomach and taking comfort at not moving is always a recipe for disaster. Always decide to change. Always decide to move. Always decide to be offbalance onpurpose. If fear strikes you, act brave and you will actually become brave.

I've read so many inspirational stories of successful people. They have reached the apex yet they were never contented. They just kept on climbing. Like you and me, they've wrestled with the occasional fear that their best days are behind them and that the future is scary and uncertain. 

Several years from now, when we look back at our lives while sitting on our rocking chair at the porch, we'd be laughing at ourselves and we'd be contented knowing we lived a good life without fear. That you stirred your life the way you wanted it -- the leaner and healthier direction. Most of all, you chose to be happier doing it.

Who's the boss, you ask? Well, I am.....  I am my own boss!

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