iPad wireless presentation

iPad wireless presentation

So we've got a big presentation coming up and I thought that it would be great if I could use my iPad in presenting. It would be great to look at the Notes, explain freely, and walk around the stage. I want my iPad to be wireless. That means, the iPad VGA adaptor is out of the picture.

Certainly I'm not the first one who thought of this need, right? And so I asked a good friend of mine, an Apple guru himself and I used to tease him as the Apple technical support guy, to look for applications that can address my need. He willingly and gladly accepted that challenge.

We looked into various applications such as those that use Remote VNC. They are nice and effective but also very slow. The connection is intermittent too. When I am presenting, I want my slides to move with me on real time. I want it to be like a clicker plusplus more of the other features I want. The word, "clicker", gave us an idea and used it as keyword for a search.... and Vwaaaaala!!!!... We found i-Clickr application. It is perfect! You can choose to buy it for $9.99 or download a Lite version that limits you to only 15 slides. Trust me, the paid version is much much better than the lite one. It has a different set of user interface (UI) too.

The connection is wireless from iPad to laptop and wired through your VGA adaptor to your projector. 

Here are the instructions:

1. Download the host application here. It supports Windows and Mac OS X. I have a Mac so I downloaded the Mac version. It's found at the right portion of the site.

2. Install in your Mac and Run the app.

3. File -> Open. Choose the powerpoint you want to present.

In your iPad,

4. Choose i-Clickr app. Choose Skip This.

5. Choose Manual Connection and then enter your IP address. Choose arrow button at the right side of the IP address. This will connect.

6. If you want to time your presentation, choose a time. You may also choose to Skip This.

7. Choose the presentation and you are good to go! You can view your Notes with talking points and move around while presenting.

The presentation went well. I believe I've set the bar high for a techie innovative way of presenting. I suggest you do this too. ^_^



Because the presentation is highly confidential, I've created another ppt for the purposes of screenshots.






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