Review: Tokyo Table

Review: Tokyo Table

Yesterday was another teambonding moment with my hardworking team. We have decided to eat lunch together at the newly opened City Times Square in Mandaue particularly the Tokyo Table. It has come highly recommended from friends who dined there during the weekend. True enough, we got out happy and satisfied. :)

Check out the food that are prepared on the table. These are only few of your sumptuous options. Drinks are also unlimited. Coolest! :)


I'm sure you are now thinking this place is expensive given the reputation of Japanese dishes. Well, I would say not so much. Here's the list.

In case the picture fails to load,

Monday to Friday Lunch is Php550 for adult & Php380 for child (below 4ft)
Monday to Thursday Dinner is Php650 for adult & Php380 for child (below 4ft)
Friday Dinner to Sunday Dinner, and Special Holidays is Php750 for adult & Php380 for child (below 4ft)
Children below 3ft are free of charge.

If you let the food over-excite you, though, and fail to finish your food, that's expensive. You will pay a fine of Php950.


How to get there?

Tokyo Table is located at City Times Square, Mantawi Avenue, Tipolo, Mandaue City. City Times Square is found at the back of Parkmall but on the other side (not the side where St James Park is located). I suggest to call for reservation as it is always packed. Number to call is (032) 239-7000.


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