Review: Acacia Steakhouse

Review: Acacia Steakhouse

Here's the menu:

We tried all their Signature Steak. Steak is best served in medium rare. If you are like me who order based on picture, I was dismayed not to find any in the menu. I checked Foursquare and there aren't that many tips that would help me order.

I'm sure you will find these pictures in your liking. I recommend Black Pepper Steak in their Signature Steak section. If Premium Steak is more of your choice, please go ahead and order.

Here's the Steak & Marrow.

Here's the Flat Iron Steak


The Black Pepper Steak and Butcher's Steak both look like this:

This is the Cremebrule and Molten Lava Cake.

Here we are after that sumptuous dinner.

How to get there?

Acacia Steakhouse is located at Acacia Street of Green Valley Subdivision, Cebu City. It is easier to find the restaurant when you're coming from Capitol to Oprah. It's the second right. Better yet, use the ever-reliable Waze to find your way.

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