Techni-Ice: Every household must-have

Techni-Ice: Every household must-have

Deja vu? You probably experienced that because you remembered I talked about Techni-Ice in my previous blog. I was introduced to the product at a Christmas Bazaar in IT Park. I am so amazed by this wonderful invention that I want you to experience it with me too.

Yesterday was my baby angel's first year anniversary. We had relatives and close friends over to celebrate the Holy Mass with us. We had food catered. We also added some of our own. We anticipated more people to come and more did. In preparation, we brought with us additional soda too. Guess what kept it cold? Techni-Ice did! We placed the soda together with Techni-ice sheets in our handy cooler. The cold drink was a welcome taste during that very hot day. We stayed there from morning until a few hours after lunch. Our sodas were still cold. Anyone would think it came straight from the refrigerator. It never fails! :)

Have you ever hoped that ice do not melt as fast as they do? Well, that's no longer a problem with Techni-Ice. Now that I think about it, Techni-ice actually helps the environment too. Ice melts fast and so you'd be needing more of it. You'd also be needing to refill your cooler with ice a few hours after. It's costly. Aside from that, ice is wrapped in plastic. When ice melts, plastic becomes waste. Plastic is a non-biodegradable waste. Water from the melt gets thrown away too. With techni-ice, you can stay away from waste plastic and you can save water. Coolest, right?

Aside from picnics, beach outings, and long drives, Techni-Ice sheets are handy when doing groceries too. I always do the groceries last in my errands list because of fear that wet meat would spoil on me. Because the grocery store closes around 9pm, sometimes that means sacrificing dinner. Who would want to do groceries in a hurry anyway? So I try to do it around dinner time 'til the store closes. A hungry stomach + long line at the cashier = a grumpy me. Ever since I bought the Techni-Ice sheets, that's no longer a problem. Meat transport and preservation is easier. I can now truly enjoy dinner and even have enough time for dessert. That means a happier me. :)

Learn how to get your own TechniIce sheets by going to their website: TechniIce PH. Here is a video on How to Use Techni-Ice.

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